MARINA stands for integrated and intelligent testing, integrated assessment, and modular interconnection of knowledge and information for validated science-based risk management methods. The approach is to shift from toxicology studies of specific individual nanomaterials towards developing tools for a more integrated systematic health and environmental safety assessment and management that can handle the overall risks for types or classes of ENM based on their physico-chemical properties.

The motivation of MARINA is to be the FLAGSHIP programme for health and safety issues related to ENM on the global scene.

Our VISION is that the new generation of ‘safe’ ENM will be the key to a sustainable globaleconomic growth and societal acceptance of this industry sector. NANOSAFETY must be central and providing guidance instead of being opposed to the development of Nanotechnology. MARINA aims to articulate the concerns on the health and environment issues regarding ENM, addressing them constructively to all stakeholders in a continuing dialogue to promote the idea of ‘safe’ ENM as a challenge and a goal for future development of Nanotechnology.

To demonstrate the FLAGSHIP potential of MARINA, we have successfully recruited the relevant competence authorities in relevant ministries and research centres of the EU and also the regulatory agencies of North America as well as their centres of excellence for NANOSAFETY research to support the MARINA initiative. Of equal importance, is the support by Industry. In response, the international community has given us positive support, reiterating the relevance and importance our approach.

Managing Risks of Nanomaterials (PDF, 5.3 MB)