Vacant Post-Doc position at University of Gothenburg -­ Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

The fate of engineered nanoparticles and nanoparticle-­containing products in sewage systems and natural soils is investigated in this project. Particularly, the relation between soil properties and the mobility of nanoparticles will be investigated by means of a detailed study of the interactions between natural and engineered particles aided by modelling.

These results contribute to estimating the geographically distributed risk of nanoparticles in European soils. The project is a part of the FP7 project GuideNANO that seeks to develop software for environmental risk analysis of nanoparticles.

The applicant will develop and carry out sewage microcosm and column experiments with natural soils. The nanoparticles size will be analysed during the sewage process and in soil leachates using state-­of-­the-­art techniques such as singe-­particle ICP-­MS or flow or centrifugal field flow fractionation. The post-­doc will also help out with the daily maintenance of this equipment. The experimental results will be modelled, e.g. using Hydrus 1D or Phreeqc and will be developed further in a geographical perspective. In addition, aggregation experiments will be done and modelled using DLVO theory.
The post-­doc will partake in international meetings to communicate results.

Good communication skills (written and spoken) in English are necessary as well as the ability to work independently. Candidates should have knowledge in colloid chemistry theory and experimental analysis of colloids. Experience with geochemistry and hydrological modeling will be considered a merit. Finally, previous experience with (single-­particle) ICP-­MS and/or FFF would create preferred candidates. Curiosity and ambition combined with the ability to apply critical scientific thinking are desirable qualities. The ability to collaborate with different people and to work in a group is very important.

To qualify as a postdoctoral fellow you must have completed a PhD in a subject area relevant for the position (chemistry, agronomy, chemical engineering, geology) or you must have a foreign degree corresponding to a PhD in a subject area relevant for the position. Preference will be given to candidates who have been awarded the degree no more than three years before the application deadline. Applicants with a degree awarded earlier may also be preferred if specific reasons exist. Such specific reasons may be a leave due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

To apply for this position, please apply on-­line at: pe=E

The position is for two years starting 3 February 2014. For further information please contact Note that letters of reference are highly appreciated.

The final application date is 16 december