NANOCYL sa (Ncyl)


Nanocyl is the leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial Carbon Nanotubes Technologies (CNTs).

We help our customers successfully nano-engineer their future with value-added products, industry-leading R&D, advanced production capabilities, and world-class technical support. Nanocyl focuses its technology and know-how on the practical application of Carbon Nanotubes. We integrate our Carbon Nanotubes into new and existing materials, resulting in the improved performance of polymers, metals, composites and biomaterials. For example, we produce synthetic materials and manufacture equipments for the automotive and electronic industries. Moreover, we are developing tailor-made solutions for the aeronautic, construction, sports and marine industries. Our carbon nanotubes are tailor-made for ESD/electrical conductivity, thermal protection, eco-friendly anti-fouling, and mechanical reinforcement.

Our portfolio is growing, and now includes the widely-used PLASTICYL™, EPOCYL™, AQUACYL™, THERMOCYL™, BIOCYL™, PREGCYL™, SIZICYLTM, STATICYL™ products that facilitate the integration of Nanocyl TM NC7000 in our customers’ applications. Other technologies and high quality Carbon Nanotubes Grades like thin multi walled or functionalized carbon nanotubes are also available at competitive price too. Nanocyl’s Carbon Nanotubes expertise is also growing, thanks to global partnerships with top scientific organizations and high-tech companies, coupled with the company’s commitment to R&D, currently equal to 39% of our total budget.

Nanocyl’s Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Policy aims at establishing the company as the leader in health, safety and protection of the environment in the handling of carbon nanotubes. Our commitment is foundational to Nanocyl’s plant design, working standards, and processing precautions, with the ultimate goal of preventing all accidents and injuries.

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