Institut universitaire romand de Santé au Travail (IST)


Affiliated to the universities of Lausanne and Geneva, IST (Institut universitaire romand de Santé au Travail, Institute for Work and Health) aims to improve occupational health by means of research, prevention, promotion and training. IST has over sixty employees. IST is the only organization of this kind and scope in Switzerland and its specialists have already gained a national and international reputation in their disciplines. It is also one of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centers for Occupational Health.

Associated with the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, IST is the only institute in Switzerland devoted entirely to Occupational Health. It is founded under private law, mainly supported by the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. Its mission is teaching, research, assessment and consultancy as well as promotion in the field of occupational health. As an institute for higher education and research, IST has a well-established and interdisciplinary team of experts that includes physicians, chemists, hygienists, safety engineers, ergonomists and psychologists. These professionals bring expertise in analytical methods, work processes, exposure and toxicokinetic modeling, exposure assessment, and occupational health studies. IST currently participates also in the EU projects NanoTOES and QNano. It was the leader of NanoImpactNet (FP7) and a partner in NanEx (FP7). Current nano-related research at IST includes investigations of particle reactivity, exposure assessment methods, exposures at workplaces, and development of occupational risk reduction strategies.

Research focal points:

  • Chemical, physical and biological exposure assessment
  • Health effects and health effect markers
  • Work conditions and organization of work
  • Psychophysiology of emotions and performance
  • Prevention and preventive actions, intervention and workability
  • Structural and development projects

Michael Riediker, Dr. sc. nat. ETH
Leader of Group "Particles and Health"
Institut Universitaire Romand de Santé au Travail
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Michael Riediker
Michael Riediker

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David Vernez

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Nastassja Lewinski