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The Centre for Nano Safety is a multi-discplinary centre addressing the potential human and environmental effects of nanomaterials, incorporating human and environmental toxicology as well as microbiology.

The Centre for Nano Safety (NAPIER) provides a multidisciplinary approach to nanomaterial safety assessment. We investigate how nanomaterials enter the human body and our experts, working in the reproductive, respiratory and immune systems, assess their interaction and potential to cause harm.

Our work also investigates the impact of nanomaterials on other species such as microorganisms (e.g. bacteria), invertebrates (e.g. C.elegans) that live in water, sediments and soil. Dr Hutchison has previously participated in EU FP7 projects ENPRA and ENRHES; primary focussing on nanotoxicology. The focus of MARINA will be to assess the impact of nanomaterials on reproductive biology. Dr Hutchison’s specialises in researching the effects of environmental pollutants, including nanoparticles, on the developing foetus and male reproductive health. Ongoing research includes development and evaluation of improved in vitro tests to assess nanomaterial impact on reproductive health.

Dr. Gary R. Hutchison BSc MSc PhD
Director Centre for Nano Safety
Reader in Toxicology
School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences
Edinburgh Napier University
Sighthill Campus
EH11 4BN Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Tel.: 0131 455 2344
web: www.napier.ac.uk/nano

Gary Hutchinson
Gary Hutchinson

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