University of Parma (UP)


The University of Parma (UP) is one of the most ancient Italian universities. The University was granted with more than €30 m in research income in 2006-7. The Departments of Clinical Medicine, Nephrology & Health Sciences (DCMNHS) and of Experimental Medicine (DEM) are components of the Medical School and are actively engaged in research, with more than 30 active tenured scientists and more than 100 graduate and post-graduate students frequenting the laboratories.

Scientific interests pursued at DCMNHS and DEM range from clinical medicine (kidney, cardiovascular and occupational medicine) to biomedical sciences (in particular, oncology, advanced imaging of biological structures, cell physiology). Researchers of the two Departments actively cooperate with scientific groups and institutions located at the university campus, which hosts several scientific facilities, among which the Chemistry, Physics and Pharmacy Departments and the recently born Advanced Technological centre, including the Interfaculty Instrumentation Centre. Main tasks: UP a) will investigate the relationship between the structural features of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) and their toxicological effects with cell models typical of the Lung-Blood Barrier and b) will identify which effects are correlated with alterations of respiratory and cardio-vascular systems in exposed animals.

Prof. Dr. Enrico Bergamaschi
University of Parma
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