Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Science (INBI)


Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Science (INBI) is one of the oldest institutes of the Russian Acad. Sci. in the area of life sciences, studying molecular processes in living organisms and practical applications of fundamental biochemical concepts.

Priority lines of INBI research include ecologically safe biotechnologies, industrial enzymology, mechanisms of adaptation to factors of environmental risks, analytical techniques for agricultural and medical practice. The Institute comprises 24 laboratories and research groups. 250 employees in total, 180 people are engaged in R&D, among them 110 PhDs. Five specialized educational and research centers have been launched by the INBI. INBI is appointed by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science to establish the Russian National Contact Point on FP6/7 in Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology. The contact point supports a network of Russian experts and key stakeholders. Main tasks in the project: INBI will study NPs toxicity for rats in acute, sub-acute and chronic in vivo experiments, characterize NPs distribution and modification in tissues and analyze NPs-caused changes in key metabolic systems.

Prof. Dr. Boris Dzantiev
Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Science (INBI)
Leninsky prospekt 33
119071 Moscow
Tel.: +7 495 954 31 42
Fax: +7 495 954 28 04