Venice Research Consortium (CVR)


The Venice Research Consortium (CVR) is a no profit research organisation including the two Universities of Venice (University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and Architecture University Institute of Venice), public and private institutions (e.g. SME) involved in the technological innovation.

The research activity of CVR is mainly focused on environmental engineering, environmental impact assessment of processes and products, risk assessment for human health and environment, development and study of new materials. CVR has a strategic role as research centre within the Venice Gateway for Science and Technology (VEGA Park), and is partners of Veneto Nanotech, a high-tech cluster on nanotechnologies. CVR employs highly qualified researchers and promotes interdisciplinary teams. The activity carried out by CVR over the last years included national and international projects funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology and the EC. Main tasks of CVR will be to develop and apply quantitative or semi-quantitative approaches to estimate and prioritise risks for humans and environment posed by ENPs selected in MARINA.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Marcomini
Consorzio Venezia Ricerche
c/o Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Venezia - VEGA
Via della Libertà, 5/12
30175 Marghera – Venezia
Tel.: +39 041 5093019
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Antonio Marcomini
Antonio Marcomini