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The science faculty of the Gothenburg University (UGOT) has two strategic areas: marine sciences and environmental sciences, and two interdisciplinary research platforms of relevance: “Nanoparticles in interactive environments” and “Ecotoxicogenomics”. The department of chemistry has a broad expertise on fundamental and applied aspects of nanoscience.

The Environmental Nanoscience group has a well-documented experience from fundamental colloid and nanoparticle understanding to nanometrology including both physicochemical characterization and development of environmental analytical methods, and further on fate and transport studies. The main tasks in project are: Provide expertise on characterization methods and subsequent use of the reference nanomaterials (sample preparation needs). Develop analytical methods for field validation of modelled emission concentrations. Develop and validate (in lab) fate assessment models (aggregation and sedimentation). Develop procedures and protocols to set up environmental monitoring systems for nanoparticles based on the methods developed before.

Dr. Martin Hassellöv
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Environmental Nanochemistry
Kemigarden 4
SE-412 96 Gothenburg
Tel: +46 31 786 9050
Fax: +46 31 772 2785

Martin Hassellöv
Martin Hassellöv